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Utopia is a film distribution and sales company that specializes in independent and documentary cinema. With a 'filmmaker first’ approach, Utopia focuses on creating new theatrical and digital distribution opportunities, improving the direct-to-consumer experience, and helping filmmakers maintain a global presence. Co-founded by filmmaker Robert Schwartzman and Cole Harper in 2018, Utopia has since launched technology platform Altavod, which gives filmmakers more control, higher marketing ROI, and stronger data collection tools than other platforms; and Utopia Originals, a division dedicated to the development, packaging, and sales of original film and television content.

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Utopia Originals develops, acquires, packages, produces, and distributes original content, both genre and format agnostic. Utopia's ecosystem allows us to engage our resources at any or all stages in the project's life cycle - from IP acquisition through global distribution and sales. Our team of creative and strategic industry leaders are fueled by passion for bold visions and storytelling excellence, seeking to collaborate with high-level creators. We find auteur-driven projects and edgy, specific voices to deliver content that’s fresh, accessible and nuanced. We’re the rebels who play well with others - making things happen on our own or with forward-thinking partners to produce the best content for our audience, who we know, trust and believe in. We are our audience. We are Utopia. 

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